Travel Insurance and Holiday Time Line

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Our travel insurance and holiday timeline illustrates how our travel habits have changed over the years and how travel insurance policies have adapted to meet our changing travel insurance needs.

travel insurance and holiday timeline

The holidays we take have certainly changed since the young men of the British Nobility took their Grand Tour of Europe in the 1700s and 1800s.Thomas Cook was the first pioneer to open up travel to a wider audience. He offered his first package tour in 1841, it was a return day trip between Leicester and Loughborough, taking advantage of the railways which were spreading across Britain at the time. Thomas Cook’s first package tour abroad was in 1855.Things then went a bit quiet until the 1950’s when the Horizon Group pioneered the first mass package holidays from Gatwick. Our holiday timeline below illustrates key events in the changing face of the UK holiday market.As our travel habits have changed, the travel insurance we need to protect ourselves when we go on holiday as changed along with it to adapt to our changing needs.The first travel insurance policy was sold in 1864 in the USA by the Travellers Insurance Company; there have been some big changes since then. Check out our timeline to see how travel insurance has changed to meet the changing demands of our holiday habits.

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