Is your holiday safe? Do you need travel insurance with insolvency cover?

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Our quick check diagram will help you to see if your holiday is financially protected. If it isn’t, consider buying travel insurance with insolvency cover.

For more details about financial protection and travel insurance read the full article here.

The level of financial protection you have for your holiday if a supplier becomes insolvent depends largely on how you booked it, which in turn means that how you booked your holiday will also have an impact on what level of travel insurance cover you should buy. Travel insurance cover for insolvency can be called a number of different things, from something simple like ‘Insolvency Cover’ to ‘Scheduled Airline Failure’, which isn’t usually limited to the insolvency of airlines as the name suggests, or Dynamic Packaging Cover which probably means very little to anyone outside of the insurance or travel industry.

Quick check diagram - do you need insolvency cover with your travel insurance?

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